jefferies tube network


Welcome to the jefferies tube network. In the physical world, my name is Jon. In the real world I travel under the usernames j0ni and mhcat. You can find me hanging out in the anonradio room on SDF’s com shell chat, and also writing more regularly in my gopher holes, at

  • gopher://
  • gopher://

I keep code at

And have a bunch of Fedi accounts; the one I treat as home is unsurprisingly in the Super Dimensional Fortress:

I am a serial immigrant and ADHD victim, with much education and many opinions. Other than my family, I’ve never finished a project in my life. Actually, that sounds a bit iffy doesn’t it? They’re still alive.

I live in Toronto, write code when I’m working and often when I’m not. If you would like to know more about me, you can email me at or check out my resume.

In the meantime, enjoy my shrieks into the void, if you like.