My kids made cards for me to bring for mum. They’re all wonderful, and capture each of their personalities beautifully. Alice is the most empathic person I’ve ever met, so I thought this was worth reproducing. It’s the note inside the card she made.

To: Grandma Hazel From: ALICE/one of your grandchildren :D I’ve really missed you in the 2 years that I’ve been back in Toronto. I really with I could be in Britain for Christmas and New Years but sadly we are running low on money and we cannot afford for all 5 of us to go, but on the brighter side: At least dad is coming (he’s missed you a lot too). Dad is probably either reading this card with you or is watching you read it, Dad is a very dedicated son and father he loves you and he loves us, speaking of loving tell dad that we miss him and we love him, tell Liz, Tim, Louis and Noah that we hope they are well and once again I really miss you and hope you are better.

  • Alice